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Ronjoy Gogoi is the most talented and devoted professional photographer we ever met. He shot fantastic pictures of the band. Just recently he filmed the video to Queen of Everything which is up for release very soon.

Jacqueline Jax at A.V.A. Radio have given us amazing support in promoting our music in the U.S. but also by supporting us with the introduction to our live gig as well as featured articles and interviews.

Thanks Jacqueline for your devotion and energy - and for truly believing in what we do.

Morgan Sizer at Mozu Mastering is based in New Haven (CT) US.

Morgan has done a fantastic job mastering our debut album.

Per and Mattias at Studio Fonic have done a great work with the mixing and production of our first debut album.

Vagnelind gave us her heart as well. She has created our logo and helped us to decide on a band profile.

Recently she supported us with the photo shooting of our new album Queen of Everything with her colleague Ronjoy as well as painting the cover art for the single Claudius.

Who is next?

Maybe you want to partner up with Sherikan Music Attraction as well.

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